After a “soft introduction” of an all new lineup for Drive! in 2019, the band is poised for a busy 2020. Drive! founding member Ray Buyco (guitar, vocals) has gathered an all new team of seasoned veterans to produce a powerful groove-based quartet with a full vocal harmony sound. The improvisational approach of the band complete with searing guitar solos, dramatic musical dynamics, and in the moment impromptu song transitions, remain trademarks of the Drive! live performance. Additionally, the band’s repertoire continues to span the genres and the decades, covering artists ranging from Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Luke Bryan, to the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Johnny Cash. In any case, the band is focused on keeping folks on the dance floor, and is therefor ready to deploy the right song form its repertoire to keep the party going.

There is no doubt that Drive! enjoys the high energy setting of the outdoor summer concert. That said, Drive! takes pride in its disciplined volume control, so you can rest assured that the band is the appropriate choice for all events, including in venues where decibel levels must be kept relatively low or even quiet. Drive! is the perfect choice for weddings or corporate parties where the first hour or two must be quiet, but the last hour or two must be kicked into a (reasonably) high gear.

Drive! offers the option of adding a female vocalist to the line up. This cost effective option effectively doubles the bands repertoire, allowing the band to make soulful musical statements on classic female vocal hits from Patti LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade” to modern hits like Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” The band has worked with many of the top female vocalists in California. Additionally, We can add saxophone and/or keyboards to the band lineup. Please check availability for your specific event.


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